On Magazine Vs Real Life.

Looking really romantic on magazine.
The fact is they always look like 2 boys hanging out with each other whenever they’re on a date (just look at the left picture).

Just gotta love their simplicity. XD

Thinking about saving money for a Nintendo DS.
Guess I’m back to the game world.


Emily VanCamp & Josh Bowman: Revenge Set - Mar 24, 2014 (x)

ôi 2 a chị~

"Call the nurse."

"She’s not a nurse."

(Source: widowsledger)

"What’s her name again?"

"Sharon. She’s nice."


(Source: widowsledger)

Smooth Melody.Charming Voice.
Meaningful Lyrics,

Its raining.

Trời đg mưa lớn. sấm chớp nữa.
Tự nhiên nhớ con Bụt. nhớ hồi xưa lúc ngủ trưa, sấm chớp ầm ầm làm mình sợ, r nó cho nắm cái ngón tay để đỡ sợ. Cơ mà nhờ thế ngủ ngon lắm :))))

if only theres a wish, i would make myself disappear from this world. It would be the best to have a family of 3, not 4.

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